Những phím tắt thường dùng trong PHPStorm

Action Shortcut
Find action by name Ctrl+Shift+A
Show the list of available intention actions . Alt+Enter
Switch between views (Project,Structure, etc.). Alt+1 / Alt+2 / Alt+7 / Alt+9/
Switch between the tool windows and files opened in the editor. Ctrl+Tab
Show the Navigation bar. Alt+Home
Insert a live template. Ctrl+J
Surround with a live template. Ctrl+Alt+J
Edit an item from the Project or another tree view. F4
Comment or uncomment a line or fragment of code with the line or block comment. Ctrl+Slash
Find class or file by name. Ctrl+N
Duplicate the current line or selection. Ctrl+D
Incremental expression selection. Ctrl+W and Ctrl+Shift+W
Find/replace text string in the current file. Ctrl+F
Find/replace text in the project or in the specified directory Ctrl+Shift+F
Search everywhere. Double-press Shift
Quick view the usages of the selected symbol. Ctrl+Shift+F7
Expand or collapse a code fragment in the editor. Ctrl+NumPad Plus
Ctrl+NumPad -
Invoke code completion. Ctrl+Space
Show the list of available refactorings (Refactor This). Ctrl+Shift+Alt+T
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