Bài 1: What are you doing?

Comedy (phim hài)
Adventure (chinh thám, phưu lưu)
Tragedy (thảm kịch)
Science fiction story (khoa học viễn tưởng)
S: What are you doing
H: I’m reading
S: Are you reading a comedy? (phim hài)
H: No, I’m not
S: Are you reading a romance?
H: No, I’m not
S: Are you reading an adventure? (chinh thám, phưu lưu)
H: No, I’m not
S: Are you reading a tragedy? (thảm kịch)
H: No, I’m not
S: Are you reading a science fiction story? (khoa học viễn tưởng)
H: No, I’m not
S: What are you reading
H: I’m reading a cookbook
I walked home
You cleaned the store
We played at the park
We talked at the coffee shop
They jumped into the river
She studied at school
He cooked at the restaurant
What did you do yesterday?

Did you walk to the store?
No, I didn’t

Did he cook at the restaurant?
Yes he did

Did she play at school?
No, She didn’t

Did you play at the park?
Yes, we did

Did you walk to the coffee shop?
No, we didn’t

Did they jump into the river?
Yes, they did

Did you lock the door?
Yes, I did

When did he walk to school?
He walked to school at 8 o’clock

When did you cook dinner?
i cooked dinner at 6 o’clock

When did you clean your room?
I cleaned my room last week

When did he wash his car?
He washed his car yesterday

When did she type the report?
She typed it last night

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